A Editora Landmark na Imprensa
"If the thought of a brand new Jane Austen text being discovered gets you giddy, well, unfortunately there is to be no giddiness today - the title of this post is indeed too good to be true. However, I do bring you news of the next best thing: A brand new translation. São Paulo publisher Landmark has just launched a new edition of Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion (1918), with a translation into Portuguese by Fábio Cyrino. And here’s the best bit: It’s a parallel text edition, which means you get the Portuguese text alongside the original. Landmark specializes in publishing world literature classics in bilingual editions and their titles already include The Complete Sonnets of Shakespeare, Dante’s Divine Comedy and John Donne’s Meditations. The next two in the series will be The Last Man by Mary Shelly and Wuthering Heights by Emily Brontë, which will be published in September. Reading a translation alongside the original is not only an insight into the subtleties of literary translation, but is also good for improving your Portuguese/English/both. Plus the delight you’ll get from reading this story. The novel opens seven years after Anne Elliot has been persuaded to end her relationship with her true love, the poor naval commander Frederick Wentworth because he doesn’t have an inheritance. Now Anne encounters Frederick again, and grapples with her feelings when she discovers he is now courting her neighbour Louisa Musgrove. Persuasion contains all the classic Austen ingredients - irony, satire, delicious examination of human psychology - it’s all there. Persuasão - Edição Bilingue - Jane Austen Editora Landmark ISBN 9788588781337 "

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